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Vehicle loading & unloading conveyors

Cost effective - increase trailer and truck loading and unloading efficiency

Gravity based roller conveyor loading/unloading systems for containers trucks and vans

Flexible expanding roller conveyor

low level truck unloading conveyor high level container unloading conveyor

Expanding flexible roller and skatewheel conveyors - steel or plastic rollers/skatewheels.

 Low level straight running container loader/unloader for loading docks.

High level version of vehicle unloader for where you don't have a loading bay. 

Flexible expanding conveyors are primarily used for transporting boxes and other flat bottomed items. With adjustable height stands and other options such as connecting hooks and end stops, some of these conveyors can both expand and also curve up to 360°


Vehicle loading conveyor

Powered vehicle loading and unloading systems

Vehicle loading and unloading conveyors use a powered incline belt conveyor together with an expanding roller conveyor to lift or lower boxes into and out of trucks and containers from ground level. Other lower cost unloading only gravity options are available above.

Container loading and unloading conveyor