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Heavy duty belt conveyor systems

Cost effective heavy duty belt conveyors.

With options based on different models, designs of belts, drives, stands and side guides manufactured to high specifications and supplied to you on time, we now offer all our heavy duty conveyors on a worldwide basis. These robust models are designed for a wide variety of heavier applications from box movement to general component transfer in indstries such as automotive, distribution, plastics and packaging, through to general handling in warehouses and production processes. The weight capacity and speeds are higher than the smaller conveyor belts we offer.

Type120 belt conveyor

Type120 Belt Conveyors

The Type120 belt conveyor employs a 113mm diameter Interroll drum drive and a 120mm deep aluminium profile as standard. This robust conveyor system has a fast delivery time and options for flat and inclined PVC belts together with flat and inclined modular belts in a low cost package.





Dorner heavy duty belt conveyor

Dorner 3200 Series Belt Conveyors

The ultimate heavy duty belt conveyor system from Dorner. The 3200 series has a high weight capacity but has all the options you would expect from Dorner. These options include side guides, flighted belts, many stand designs, a new i-Drive version, Precision drive options and nosebar tail options for small parts transfer.



Steel belt conveyor

Type120s Conveyor Belt System

A series of heavy duty conveyor belt systems based on various end roller diameters from 113mm. Made from mild steel with drum motor or geared motors. Typical conveyor widths range from 300mm to 1200mm. Cleated belt options available and special versions for mezzanine floor access.



Type80 belt conveyor system

Type80 Belt Conveyors

Type80 belt conveyor series are a larger version of the Type40 system but based on 80mm deep aluminium profile and with an 80mm diameter roller as standard. With lots of belt and frame options available.





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