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Stainless Steel Belt Conveyors & Conveyor Systems  

Stainless steel belt conveyors for food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments

stainless steel conveyor belt

Stainless steel framed belt conveyors.

Our stainless steel conveyor belts are engineered for a variety of common clean product handling applications. Belt material choices include FDA approved white PVC or Urethane. Other choices to meet your specific application requirements include a variety of frame lengths, widths, elevations, stand types, drive types and side rails.




Features and benefits: 

  • Tool-free Quick-belt tension release mechanism on some models 
  • Standoffs on legs with angled ends on some models
  • 304 Stainless Steel frame as standard 
  • Continuous TIG welded frames, ground and polished
  • Some models suited for full washdown 

food conveyor belt 





Conveyor Belt CAD tool


Design and specify your own Dorner belt conveyors.

The new Dorner D-Config software helps you to specify your Dorner  conveyor belt. Select the right conveyor type. Provides descriptions and part numbers. Build your conveyors with stands, drives, side guides. Create 2D and 3D CAD files and PDF based designs. Use the above details to request a quote.

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Dorner Stainless Steel belt conveyors.

Dorner 6200 Stainless Steel Conveyors : General Specifications

Dorner 6200 series stainless steel belt conveyor

Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt, and Centre Drive models
Loads up to 120 lbs. (54 Kg)
Lengths up to 24’ (7,315)
Widths up to 18” (457)
1” (25 mm) diameter head and tail pulleys


Dorner 7300 series stainless steel belt conveyors

Dorner 7200 series stainless steel belt conveyor

Flat Belt and Cleated Belt Loads up to 60 lbs. (27 Kg)

Lengths up to 18’ (5,486) Widths up to 18” (457) Models Available

Dorner 7300 Stainless Steel Conveyors : General Specifications 

Dorner 7300 series belt conveyor

Flat Belt and Cleated Belt
Loads up to 60 lbs. (27 Kg)
Lengths up to 18’ (5,486)
Widths up to 18” (457)
Models Available 


Dorner 7600 Stainless Steel Conveyors : 

General Specifications 

  • Straight Flat Belt and Cleated Belt Models
  • Curved Flat Belt Models (45?, 90? & 180?)
  • LPZ Flat Belt and Cleated Belt Models (0 to 60°+)
  • Loads up to 20 lbs. per square foot of belt (90 Kg/M2)
  • Lengths 36” (914mm) up to 480” (12.2 m)
  • Widths up to 60” (1524mm)
  • Continuous TIG Welded 304 stainless steel frame 


Dorner 7600 ULTIMATE Stainless Steel Conveyors

Dorner 7600 series stainless steel conveyor The ULTIMATE Series has been engineered for fast & effective sanitation in the most demanding environments. These include RTE foods, raw protein (meat - poultry - fish), dairy and other environments with high pressure sanitation requirements. Food, beverage, supplements, nutrition, food processing, food packaging, food marketing, food retailing, dairy, confectionery, biscuit, processing, prepared food, ready meals, food processing, meat processing, pharmaceutical, technology, drug, laboratory, bio-pharmaceutical, science, pharma, cosmetics, formulation, cosmetics packaging, packaging. 

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