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Timing belt conveyors

Conveyors for accurate product positioning and heavy load transfer

timing belt conveyorTiming belt based conveyor systems.

A timing belt can be used as in conjunction with a toothed conveyor pulley. This provides excellent belt movement control. Timing belts are often used for accurate part or fixture positioning.

Fixtures can actually be attached to the belt by welding, adhesives or even screws. Timing belts can be used with a variety of drives, including servo drives for very accurate indexing and product positioning.

With a timing belt, the toothed drive assists in accurate product positioning because belt slip is eliminated.

Another benefit of timing belt conveyors is the possibility to place heavier products on the belt with no loss of traction. Alignment is also less of an issue. Attachments and holes can also be added to timing belts with less impact on the functionality of the belt than normal flat belt conveyors. 


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