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Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems

Straightforward conveyors for low cost basic transport

Automation Supplies Ltd offer the widest range of quality yet economical gravity roller conveyors and gravity conveyor systems to you. From small and low profile models right up to specially designed heavy duty gravity roller conveyor versions. Our expertise and experience will find the right conveying product for the job you need to do and help you pay less in the process.

Striaght gravity roller conveyors

Straight Running Gravity Conveyors







gravity roller conveyor bend

Gravity Roller Conveyor Bends







gravity roller conveyor mergeGravity Conveyor Merge Systems






Gravity conveyors are the most basic, lowest cost conveyor option available. Without a motor, the rollers run freely and the gravity conveyor transports products that are either pushed or move by gravity because the roller conveyor is on an incline. No power is required, but products need to be generally flat bottomed to work with gravity. Full or part width roller and also skate wheel options are available. Steel or plastic rollers can be set at a pitch to suit your loading requirements.

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