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Vacuum belt conveyors

Vacuum conveyor belts for grip and position

vacuum belt conveyors

Vacuum belt conveyor systems.

Retaining delicate parts on the belt for elevation changes, traction or controlled positioning can be achieved in a variety of ways. One such technique is to use a vacuum inside the conveyor frame void.




Depending upon the application and the product, these conveyors can even hold the product on the underside for printing or transporting the product over an area that needs to be open, ie. a vision system. Vacuum belt conveyors are available in a wide variety of length and width configurations. Vacuum belt conveyors are made by perforating the belt and drawing air through grooves in the bed of a standard conveyor.

Holds flat parts of almost any material fast to the belt. Ideal for elevation changes, delicate or light part holding. Can be used upside down in some applications. Vacuum area required is designed per application. A variety of vacuum sources can be used.


Dorner 2200 Series Conveyor Specifications

Dorner vacuum conveyor

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