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Type20 miniature belt conveyors

Small belt conveyor for when space is tight.

Our UK built miniature conveyor belt systems are compact and economical. Based on a standard machine building slotted aluminium profile and using positive belt tracking with 20mm diameter rollers. These standard miniature belt conveyors have a punchy 24V DC motor and incorporate 5mm t-slots in the side frame for easy mounting and positioning of ancillary equipment. A speed controller and 24VDC power supply ar also available.

Miniature belt conveyorType20 Variable Speed ControlType20 Conveyor 24V DC Power Supply

Conveyor prices See ex-works prices below. Ships to UK and Worldwide.

The Type20 miniature belt conveyor systems are versatile and extremely compact. These mini conveyors are used for small parts transport in automated machines with little conveyor space. As they are used for transporting mainly small, light parts in applications such as small parts manufacture, food, pharmaceuticals etc. the weight capacities are not high as other conveyors and the standard speed is relatively low as standard compared to AC motor driven belt conveyors. There are 2 motor options available offering maximum speeds of 9M/min and 27M/min respectively. The 9M/min (Suffix A) conveyors have a maximum weight capacity of 1kg, the 27M/min (Suffix B) conveyors can carry up to 0.5kg.  

Miniature conveyor belt  

Conveyor prices 

Type20's are available from stock for fast delivery in the following formats.



 Type20A20 (9M/min 20mm wide)



 Type20B20 (27M/min 20mm wide)



 Type20A60 (9M/min 60mm wide)



 Type20B60 (27M/min 60mm wide)



Accessories for Type20 Mini Conveyor

 Type20 Variable Speed Control Type20 Conveyor 24V DC Power Supply Mini conveyor slot nut 

Speed controller has a jack plug input 24VDC 0.1A compatible with the 24VDC power supply. The method for the variable speed is PWM or pulse width modulation. The speed adjustment can only provide from 9M/min downwards because of how PWM works, see  The speed controller is housed in a robust aluminium casing with an on/off/adjust knob.


Price = £69.00ea  

240VAC to 24VDC transformer. Converts mains electricity to 24VDC power for the Type20 miniature conveyor. Has jack plug compatible with the speed controller. Can be used without speed controller but needs to have jack plug removed and wires connected to motor terminals.

Price = £12.50ea.

Slot nuts available for inserting into the aluminium profile so accessories and mounting plates can be fitted. In thread sizes M3, M4, M5

Price = £0.50ea. 

Conveyor Specification.

miniature conveyor belt system

Belt width : 18mm (20mm wide profile width) and 58mm (60mm wide profile) as standard.

Belt type : Blue flexible FDA as standard with positive belt tracking.

Length : 500mm and 1000mm as standard. Other lengths are possible from 150mm and beyond the standard 1000mm but subject to application (Please contact us to discuss) and surcharge for special belt length manufacture.

Speed : Nominally 9M/min or 27M/min (under no or very low load), slower under heavier loads.

Motor : Motor voltage 24V DC - current (no or very low load) 0.15A - max 0.42A

Weight capacity : Nominally up to 1kg/M but dependent on motor type selected, product and environment- please ask.

Options : AC to 24V DC power pack and variable speed control. Slot nuts available for inserting into the aluminium profile so accessories and mounting plates can be fitted. In thread sizes M3, M4, M5 @ £0.50ea. 

Conveyor belt prices