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Gravity Based Container Unloading Conveyors

Free running gravity conveyor for loading & unloading trailers and containers

High level straight running vehicle and container unloader

See how you can improve your container unloading efficiency by both speeding it up and reducing manpower. This gravity system requires no power and folds away when not in use. In the video you can see the high level container unloader extended into the container, then the optional additional decline conveyor to bring the boxes down to a reasonable height for offloading at ground level. This customer opted for an additional expanding roller conveyor to take the boxes around the bend into his warehouse. End stops can be provided where required.

container unloading conveyor system

This very poular conveyor system is a high level gravity based design specifically for the efficient unloading of containers. This system is used where the customer has no loading bay and unloads containers from the back of a trailer or truck down to ground level. The main body of the conveyor extends into the container with the operator as they unload, simply by pulling it along as they progress down the trailer. Adjustable high level stand systems and the optional additional decline conveyor unit allow the boxes to move without power and be lowered to a safe handling height for operators at floor level.

container unloading conveyor 

The high level container unloading conveyor system consists of two main elements. The first part is the main conveyor system shown extended above left, then compacted for storage in the middle view. This conveyor can be complimented by the optional additional decline conveyor shown on the right, this conveyor has adjustment on both ends and brings the boxes down from the end of the high level conveyor to a more manageable height for offloading at ground level.

Technical details:

The roller width of the system is 600mm. The main high level conveyor is 4.3M long when compacted and 13.5M long when fully extended, of which up to 10M can be extended inside the trailer with low friction slides. The optional additional decline extension is 3M long, is height adjustable at both ends and is provided with connecting hooks to connect to the main high level conveyor. An end stop is fitted at the end of this conveyor as standard. The main rollers are 50mm diameter PVC to save system weight and the rollers fitted inbetween the extending levels are 20mm diameter steel.

vehicle unloader conveyor dimensions

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Low level straight running vehicle and container loader/unloader

Low level trailer unloading conveyor

Based on the same technology as the high level unloading system above, this robust conveyor system can be reversed for loading and unloading onto an area level with the truck or container floor, such as a loading bay or dock.

Available is a range of widths with plastic rollers in the main areas.  


Bespoke and low cost vehicle and container unloader

Custome vehicle unloader

These conveyor systems are adapted from used conveyors or made from new for specific requirements where the budget is tight or the application is unique. New or used basic conveyors are made or reconditioned to give low cost simple products without for example the expanding elements seen on more expensive units. Call us to discuss your requirements.


Flexible Roller and Skatewheel Expanding Conveyors

Flexible roller conveyors

These conveyors are available as gravity and powered loading and unloading products. They can expand and contract within length ranges and at the same time can be curved. In addition they have adjustable height legs.

More details can be found on the specific expanding conveyors page here.

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