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Lineshaft Roller Conveyor Merges

Introduce packages to the line from any side...under control...

lineshaft conveyor merge

Lineshaft conveyor merge.

Lineshaft roller conveyor merges allow you to hold, introduce and orientate products from a spur onto a main line conveyor. Because there is a chance with line shaft roller conveyor bends that the products being introduced might hit each other, sensors and electronic controls can assist in avoiding product clashes.





This is done by delaying the infeed conveyor or the main line conveyor while the new product is introduced to the line. 

lineshaft roller conveyor merge

Powered rollers with merge facilities. There are powered merge units available for lineshaft conveyors. The rollers get shorter the nearer they are to the main line conveyor. Through the use of proximity sensors and electronic controls, it's possible to merge two constantly running conveyors so that one waits until the product on the other has passed, thereby avoiding any possible clashes.

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