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The 1100 Series mini belt conveyor from Dorner.

The most compact design with the most options in a miniature conveyor belt system.

miniature belt conveyor

1100 series overview

The 1100 Series conveyors from Dorner offer the thinnest standard frame on a mass produced belt conveyor available. It measures just 19mm frame depth and can fit in tight spaces inside machinery.

This design is optimised for small parts and features 16mm rollers at each end on the centre drive unit shown here as standard. There is an option for 8mm knife edge rollers. This allows for small parts roller transfer. Handles 7kg loads without needing high belt tension. With fixed-speed ac or brushless-dc gear motors. The brushless gear motor offers forward and reverse, as well as 60 indexes/min. Belt speed is adjustable up to 21M/min and belts come in widths from 45mm to 250mm. Conveyor lengths go from 266mm to 1524mm in 3mm increments. 




Conveyor Belt CAD tool


Design and specify your own Dorner belt conveyors.

The new Dorner D-Config software helps you to specify your Dorner  conveyor belt. Select the right conveyor type. Provides descriptions and part numbers. Build your conveyors with stands, drives, side guides. Create 2D and 3D CAD files and PDF based designs. Use the above details to request a quote.

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