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Automation Supplies Ltd bring the widest range of quality yet economical wide modular plastic belt conveyors and heavy duty modular conveyor belts to you a range wider than any other UK suppliers or manufacturers and at very competitive prices. With 100's of options based on different models, designs of belts, drives, stands and side guides manufactured to high specifications and supplied to you on time. These conveyors work at the higher end of plastic modular belt technology. It's incredible what can be achieved with these conveyor belt system and our expertise and experience will use this technology to find the right conveying product for the job you need to do and help you pay less in the process. Our delivery times are short and you can be assured of receiving quality equipment with the peace of mind given by a full warranty.


Type120 MPB conveyor beltType120 Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor





modular plastic belt conveyor

Dorner 5200 Series Modular Plastic Chain Belt Conveyor








Dorner 5300 series conveyor

Dorner 5300 Series Dust Proof Modular Conveyor Belt







When you add up the real cost of running conveyor systems that are not point to point running in a straight line, including the total of buying, running and maintaining multiple drives, MPB or Modular Plastic Belt conveyors begin to make real sense. Otherwise known as mat top conveyors of table top conveyors due to their flat appearance, these new generation of conveyors offer you more options for weight capacity and product variance.

Around 70% of the cost of a belt conveyor can be consumed in the cost of the motor and drive components. If you need to take a curve with a standard conveyor, that means another drive. Are straight conveyors and transfers still economical?