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Lineshaft Roller Conveyor Straights

Powered rollers with accumulation facilities.

line shaft conveyor

Straight lineshaft conveyor.

Lineshaft roller conveyors are commonly used in warehouse application to transport normally flat boxes. At automation supplies we offer lineshaft conveyors in steel, stainless steel and aluminium versions.





Both the steel and aluminium versions are suitable for general box handling whereas the stainless steel lineshaft conveyors are sold mainly into the food manufacturing industry.

lineshaft roller conveyors

Roller diameters range from 35mm to 50mm in steel or stainless steel. Conveyor widths range from around300mm to just over a metre as standard

The nominal length for a standard lineshaft conveyor module is 3 metres. The modules are easily connected and the drive shaft is connected from one module to the next using a simple clutch.




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