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Gravity Pallet Roller Conveyor Systems

Robust gravity pallet conveyors for pallets and large boxes

Gravity pallet conveyor systemGravity pallet conveyors.

We offer a range of heavy duty gravity pallet roller conveyors and lighter duty designs for lighter pallets. These gravity pallet conveyors are often available as used and reconditioned as well as new. Gravity conveyors for pallet handling can come as single wide roller or twin gravity roller types that have two lanes of narrower gravity rollers. Most pallets commonly used are 1200mm square or 1m x 1.2m euro style, although you may have different custom pallets. Either way we can configure a pallet conveyor to suit.

Using rollers based on (But not limited to 60mm, 76mm, 89mm or 102mm dimensions dependent on roller loading required. Options like braked rollers and pallet stoppers can be supplied slow or stop pallets down when on a decline. Our gravity pallet conveyors are manufactured from mild or stainless steel. 

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