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Type120 heavy duty belt conveyors

Deep profile - high capacity aluminium based conveyor belts

heavy duty conveyor beltType120 belt conveyors.

Type120 belt conveyors are manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles with a folded modular galvanised steel skid bed to support the belt. These conveyors offer a good combination of strength and versatility through modular design. Suitable for a multitude of materials handling tasks where strength and robustness are required, the conveyors are normally powered by an Interroll 113mm diameter motorised drum roller or by a shaft mounted external motor with a 113mm diameter fabricated roller. Tail rollers are also 113mm diameter as standard. The drive and terminal rollers are integral to the side frames, giving a clean finish in appearance. The roller adjustment is also integral making tensioning accessible only to the right employees. These conveyors handle a product load of up to 50Kg per metre. The belt uses a central underside cleat to guarantee tracking. 



 heavy duty belt conveyor

Key features


  • Drum drive roller as standard
  • Shaft mounted motor for heavier or faster applications
  • Incline & decline versions available
  • "Swan neck" belt option available
  • Up to 50kg capacity per linear metre as standard
  • Standard belt widths from 280mm to 1030mm in 50mm increments
  • Length to fit your application.
  • Tracking cleat under belt ensures alignment
  • Optional adjustable height stands
  • Optional side guides
  • Optional adjustable speed and safety systems.

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