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Gang drive & Common drive conveyor belts

Gang drive belt conveyors.

gang drive conveyor arrangement

Gang drive belt conveyor systems.

Gang drive conveyors use a motor mounting package and a hexagonal shaft to provide power to several conveyors working together. Commonly used in the press tool industry where multiple conveyors service one press tool.





gang drive belt conveyors

Conveyors can be repositioned anywhere along the drive shaft when a new press tool is used. The gang drive package is purchased separately to the conveyors and can be left hand, right hand or double drive as below.

Gang drive motor mounting package includes:
Motor mounting bracket, (1219mm long) hex shaft, coupling, shaft guard, support block, and support block bracket.

gang drive conveyor belt elements

Conveyors cannot be secured to bolster plate
Order conveyor with gang drive option separately
Order gear motor separately (90˚ Standard & Heavy Load only)
Positions 2 & 3 recommended.

Common drive conveyors.

common drive belt conveyors









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