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Dust proof belt conveyors

For the highest standards in hygiene and dirt prevention

pharmaceutical belt conveyor

Dust resistant belt conveyors.

In some industries dust accumulation is the enemy. This new conveying system is ideal for environments where dust, particulates or product debris build up and where constant cleaning just isn’t feasible.






Dorner's DustPruf conveyors can provide all the integration flexibility of a T-slot frame system without one drawback, the slots that collect dust and other particulates.

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The New DustPruf™ Series: Innovative Dust Proof Conveyors see how easy it is to add accessories using self tapping and standard fasteners by watching this little video here...

Conveyor Belt CAD tool


Design and specify your own Dorner belt conveyors.

The new Dorner D-Config software helps you to specify your Dorner  conveyor belt. Select the right conveyor type. Provides descriptions and part numbers. Build your conveyors with stands, drives, side guides. Create 2D and 3D CAD files and PDF based designs. Use the above details to request a quote.

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These dust proof conveyors are perfect for various applications and industries, including conveying of:

  • food products
  • case and packaging products
  • pet food
  • bakery & confectionary products
  • manufacturing industries
  • pharmaceutical and medical devices
  • health and beauty aids
  • and more…

DustPruf conveyors are perfect for any industry that deals with dust and debris pile up, including packaging areas where paper based dust is present. It’s also perfect for industries in need of a clean room conveying system or wipe down belt conveyors. And DustPruf conveyors are ideal for small parts handling as well as larger packaging applications.

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