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Dorner Precision Move Conveyors

Conveyors for accurate product positioning and heavy load transfer

Dorner precision drive belt conveyor


Drive options include Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, Fixtured Pallet End Drive

84mm pitch diameter drive and idler pulleys

95mm - 457mm widths

610mm - 15,240mm lengths

Loads up to 340 kg

Belt speeds up to 158m/min

Optional M5 belt inserts, with accuracy of spacing in length

Conveyor package with servo motor index accuracy

100 indexes per minute rated as standard  


Precision Part Movement 

Accurate Small Part Handling and Positioning 

Automated and Manual Assembly 

Machine Integration 

Robotic Pick-N-Place 

Precision Indexing 

Timed Conveying  


Conveyor Belt CAD tool


Design and specify your own Dorner belt conveyors.

The new Dorner D-Config software helps you to specify your Dorner  conveyor belt. Select the right conveyor type. Provides descriptions and part numbers. Build your conveyors with stands, drives, side guides. Create 2D and 3D CAD files and PDF based designs. Use the above details to request a quote.

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